FOR HOW LONG Can we afford to keep grievances of people in deep freezer?

cops beating up labourers… promised food packets not reaching the needy… procurement of faulty diagnostic kits and thermometers… Can we afford to keep these grievances of people in deep freezer? … With a good part of the economy still running and being bound to run, justice cannot be pushed to the backstage… Not many seem to be visibly worried about the plight of the litigants, for whom they exist as a professional.

COVID-19 CRISIS: Implications for Access to Justice

Incidents of high-handedness are already being reported from different corners of the country. As time passes, maybe apathy and indifference to sufferings will also surface. Maybe we will write in social media and forget. Today we can perhaps afford it. But there will be a time, when we will have to face this. These areContinue reading “COVID-19 CRISIS: Implications for Access to Justice”