Recently, there have been news about discriminatory practices against suspected and cured COVID-19 Patients… quite famously, Actor-Singer Meiyang Chang has quite famously stated: “My name is Chang, and I am not Corona Virus”… The public narrative of the history of origin and spread of the disease in India has made certain communities very vulnerable to discrimination and even assault… India has promised itself a non-discriminatory society and abolished untouchability… the promise of Article 17 of the consitution must extend to all modern forms of “Untouchability” and a resolve to weed out all exclusionary practices from the society… There has to be a general recognition that, like in the case of HIV/ AIDS, discrimination against the COVID patients or persons involved in their care is going to be counterproductive and fan the spread of the epidemic to the general population… Explicit statements of non-discrimination from industry bodies and other collectives need to come through quickly. … Legislative measures also may need to be adopted. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Prevention and Control) Act, 2017 could be enlarged to cover COVID-19.


Sagar Saxena, an E-court Evangelist is of the view that all admission stage matters can be heard by paperless E-courts. This is truly possible, as the admission hearings comprise pleadings only by the petitioner and are typically short with minimum requirements of books and cases. Paperless E-courts can also be very easily implemented for mattersContinue reading “POOLING CASES FOR IMPLEMENTING PAPERLESS COURTS: A PROPOSAL”


Lawyers have immersed themselves in simulation e-courts run by Atmabodh. One can easily ramp up to be able to argue in an E-court in 30 minutes. Judges have now had the experience of E-courts. All the processes required for complete e-court proceedings are in place. This includes e-filing, stamp reporting, cause list publication, display boards, hearings, case status, publishing judgments, etc. Atmabodh’s simulation sessions of E-court and it is now firmly established that with a single desktop a lawyer can very easily argue his case. Starter packs or shared facilities can be organised by Bar Councils. Today, with a near suspension of court proceedings, the time is ripe for onboarding lawyers to E-courts.

REGISTER FOR Trademark Filing Workshop/ OTHER Events

REGISTER FOR TRADEMARK FILING WORKSHOP [20.09.2020] E-commerce websites have now started asking for trademark registration before allowing sale of branded goods. So, any unregistered brand will now need to be registered with the Registrar of Trademarks.This is a huge opportunity for the legal community in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as filing ofContinue reading “REGISTER FOR Trademark Filing Workshop/ OTHER Events”

Delivering Contactless Legal Services: Let us make a start

I propose to follow a gradual and do-able path to the objective of contactless courts in India. … A beginning can be made by constituting a special contactless court roster of the Hon’ble Judges who are adept in paperless proceedings. The Registry can invite counsels who are interested in having their cases listed before the contactless benches and can handle arguments from their tablets to submit their requests for hearing. … Legal aid cases can be ear-marked for such hearing and a special panel of legal aid counsels and state counsels who opt for this mode of hearing can be prepared. … to start with, all jail appeals and second appeals where paper-books are ready and have been scanned for e-courts can be taken up.

Adyopant Legal Awareness Street Play competition organised by Atmabodh in Collaboration with Delhi State Legal Services Authority on 18th December 2015

Delhi State Legal Services Authority and Atmabodh organised an Inter-school legal awareness street play competition on 18th December 2015. LBS School R K Puram won the first prize  and Mount Carmel School Anand Niketan won the runners’up prize. The prize for the best community engagement was awarded to Mount Carmel School Anand Niketan. The prize forContinue reading “Adyopant Legal Awareness Street Play competition organised by Atmabodh in Collaboration with Delhi State Legal Services Authority on 18th December 2015”

Atmabodh Conducts Interactive Seminar on Responding to Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Atmabodh coached more than 30 young men and women students of CMC centre at Fateh Nagar, near Tilak Nagar, New Delhi on what they can do to deal with the problem of sexual harassment at workplace. Team Adyopant Legal delivered the seminar and Janak Nandini Singh coordinated it. We look forward to more such programmes.

Members Brainstorm for the Year to Come

Atmabodh members met at the office of Mr. Arvind Kumar Gupta, Advocate and Vice-President, Atmabodh on 26th October 2015. After a brainstorming evening, lots of new ideas emerged. It has been decided that the activity calendar for the next year will see changes to align well with the academic calendar of schools and law colleges.Continue reading “Members Brainstorm for the Year to Come”

Drawing and Painting Competition in School in R K Puram area, Delhi

Atmabodh is organising a drawing and painting competition in Janta Adarsh Vidyalay, Sector 5, R K Puram on 13th August 2015 to celebrate Independence Day. Theme: “Freedom” “Azadi“. All members are requested to join the celebrations and encourage children. Contact Janak Nandini Singh.