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If you can’t go to the orchards, the fruits will come to you

Jardalu is a sweet mango variety with a unique fragrance and flavour. Juicy but not fibrous. Slightly elongated, bright yellow, thin skin and a consistent texture gives the mangoes an exquisite and delicate appearance. It is a Geographically Indicated product like the Basmati and Shahi Leechi. These mangoes grown in Bhagalpur district of Bihar and its adjoining areas are delicate and appeal to eyes as much as they do to the pallet. it is best eaten by sucking. This means that eating Jardalu mangoes involves the senses of touch, taste, smell and sight, all at once!

Blisfull as they are, like all good things, they do not last for ever! Jardalu lasts for about 5 days in fridge after ripening. Best fruits are harvested between 25th May and 20th June. It has one of the shortest harvesting windows amongst mangoes.

Being a unique variety, developed in this region, it is considered a part of the cultural heritage of the area. A group of farmers have been promoting the mangoes for decades by sending boxes of these mangoes to the VVIPs and Embassies and High commission in Delhi. Since 2005, the shipment of mangoes from Bhagalpur to the VVIPs in Delhi has been going on behalf of the Chief Minister of Bihar. In 2021, perhaps after a long gap, there is a nervous wait among farmers about whether the mangoes will be send to Delhi VVIPs. Also, COVID-19 has brought in an expectation of lower prices for the crop this year.


Anybody who has tasted Jardalu mangoes must fall in love with it. So, on one hand the farmers bite their nails, mango lovers miss the mangoes. When an old lady who had lived in Bhagalpur for a while got to know about the possibility of these mangoes coming to her, she profusely blessed Atmabodh for making this happen. Another lawyer in Delhi started reminiscing about how every year a carton of these mangoes reaches him from a friend in Bhagalpur, but this year there has been now news of the arrival of Jardalu mangoes. The message meant for Delhi area only, reached a person in Bengaluru. She asked if it would be possible to have them in Bengaluru. There were requests from other cities as well. Time to have a Jardalu fan club to be hosted by Atmabodh!!


Keen to help farmers in the COVID-19 pandemic and setting eyes on the goal of doubling farm income by 2023, Dr. Maurya Vijay Chandra, Advocate, and Secretary, Atmabodh visualised this initiative of bringing Jardalu to its fans and to spread its fan base. Abhishek Kumar was tasked with connecting with the farmers. He has scrambled a team of 5 people to personally supervise the harvesting. Janak Nandini Singh was took on her to reach out to the mango lovers in Delhi with the help of other members and Patrons of Atmabodh. The result is that at least a truck load of mangoes will reach Delhi and be shared with the consumers directly.


Directly transported from farms with the help of Atmabodh to help farmers gain better price during this crisis. Boxes of 3 kgs and crates of 20 kg each will be available at convenient designate touch points to be informed to the mango lovers. Price of GRADE A (Each mango in the box weighing about 200 gms) is Rs. 120 per Kg.

It will be team Atmabodh’s endeavour that boxes are made available outside society gates/ or at pre-publicised touch points in the first week of June between 8-6 PM. Information on the travel of the mangoes will be shared with all those who pre-book their boxes/ crates. vYou can pre-book your boxes/ crates by sending WhatsApp message to Janak Nandini Singh on 9811942958.


Jardalu mango fan club is bound to become bigger and stronger. This is an initiative that needs your nurturing as well guidance. Please send us your feedback to

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